Processors:      2x Pentium III 450
RAM:             128M             
Bus:             ISA, PCI
Video card:      Matrox Millennium II
Sound card:      Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold
Hard drives:     SCSI, IBM DGVS09U, 9.1G
                 SCSI, Seagate ST15150N, 4.29G
                 SCSI, Seagate ST39175LW, 9.1G
CD-ROM:          IDE/ATAPI
Removable drive: SCSI Zip drive
Printer:         HP DeskJet 660Cse
Scanner:         HP ScanJet 4p
Camera 1:        Connectix Color QuickCam
Camera 2:        Connectix B&W QuickCam
OS:              Linux 2.2.10
HTTP server:     fhttpd 0.4.2
Webcam software: qcwebcam 0.3.2
Connection:      384 Kbps Covad DSL to (now GST)
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